Wow! Led Zepplica in River Cree Casino

The famous band Led Zepplica played a grand concert at River Cree Casino. It was on Friday (20th of May, 2016). Something incredible, akin to magic happened.

Energy and atmosphere were unforgettable. It was as like you could travel back to thirty years ago, and legendary Led Zeppelin was playing in front of your eyes.

It has been concerting since 1989 at the most prominent stages around the world. That night they sang covers of the best hits. It was fantastic.

Led Zeppelin Tribute

The group selflessly started creating a show in the style of their idols, Led Zeppelin, in far away mid 70s, but began touring across the country. The sound, music, lighting and demeanor – all these help to feel the atmosphere of the concert of the legendary hard rock innovators. The number of fans, attending their concerts, confirms this.

River Cree Casino

Casino Events – Will You Come?

River Cree Casino constantly hosts various events and entertainments, concerts of world-known celebrities like Kenny Rogers and comedy performances with stars like Howie Mandel as well as some local beginners.

The schedule is always made up far in advance. In the nearest future, the concerts of such mega celebrities like Diana Ross, and Alabama, even Elvis Presley and shows together with Gabriel Iglesias and others, are expected (exact dates and times of performances see at posters and the official casino site).

Tickets can be ordered online, by calling 1-855-985-5000 or at any of the local ticket offices. They are not sold to people under 18 of no return and exchange.

Crystal Gayle and Lee Greenwood

Concert in the Casino

On Friday, May 27, 2016 there has been performance of 2 incredibly talented singers of country music Crystal Gayle with Lee Greenwood. The audience welcomed them warmly as they radiated simply incredible energy. Crystal Gayle lives up to her name for 100%: sweet, friendly she gladly communicated with the audience. Lee Greenwood can rightly be called a legend of the country music. For his shoulders more than 30 albums and numerous mega hits. That night, he performed many of his best songs that the audience took on hurray.

Musical Preference of Gamblers: Rock vs Country

If you conduct a survey among the visitors of River Cree, what kind of music do they prefer? Rock or country, hardly in their responses can be made any conclusion.

These two styles are very different and at the same time they have a lot in common. Most likely, the preferences depend on the mood and the players’ age. The country is very rhythmic, with a cheerful motif.

Rock songs have a more specific tune, but the lyrics are usually filled with deep meaning. However, better to hear once at Canadian online casinos, than a hundred times to read.