Sounds of Canadian Online Casinos

The first video game was developed in 1971. It was poor in graphics and didn’t involve any music effects. Things’ve changed greatly since that time and the gaming industry has moved on successfully. The game scenarios with graphics improved, the sounds appeared.

At first these were just primitive loops, and only in many years, the technology allowed to incorporate full songs into the casino games. Now they vary from synthesized violins to the latest music hits from our Radiant site. The developers try to use the sounds, taking into account the age of the target audience.

For example, the entertainments with the modern gameplay are very seldom accompanied with Frank Sinatra songs. In movie- or cartoon-themed slots the soundtracks from their originals are used.

Greatest Casino Hits

Here is the list of the most beloved casino hits ever:

  1. ‘Viva Las Vegas’ – the immortal hit of Elvis Presley;
  2. ‘The Gambler’ is the famous song of Kenny Rogers with a catchphrase;
  3. ‘Luck Be A Lady’ by Frank Sinatra is one of the best ones;
  4. ‘House of the Rising Sun’ by The Animals;
  5. ‘Blackjack’ – the autobiographical song of Ray Charles.



Though The Beatles don’t have any songs that are directly dedicated to gambling, their names are worth mentioning in this theme.

The point is that the so-called Beatlemania (the fan frenzy about The “Fab Four” From Liverpool) coincided in time with the peak of the land-based casinos (1970s).

So, they toured a lot and performed in the best online gambling establishments of the world. Later the band became a hero of many music-themed games (‘Rock Band’ and others).

Their music is always in fashion and still has millions of fans, so it is frequently used as a background for online casinos in Canada, as it is relaxing, unobtrusive and melodic.

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Frank Cinatra

‘Luck Be A Lady’ is a classical song for gamblers. It tells the story of a poker player who prays for the luck to be with him in the game. One can’t imagine Las Vegas of 60s-70s without Sinatra.

The visitors of the casinos remember him as Frank who had been starring in the shows for three years.

He was a very risky and devoted gambler to the end of his life. This personality and his immortal hit are worth being in the list of legends of gambling music as he is forever linked to it.

Elvis Presley

The song ‘Viva Las Vegas’ (1963) by Elvis Presley is considered the unofficial anthem of the city. In addition, it is often found as the back burner music for online casinos. Except that, there are some games, dedicated to this cultural icon.

Also, known as ‘the King of Rock and Roll’, a talented actor and unbelievably charismatic musician, he was a sex-symbol for all ladies of his generation.

If you ask an experienced player what is the most “gambling song” he knows, in 99% he will say, ‘Viva Las Vegas’. That song is older than 50, it helps us feel the atmosphere and excitement of a real online casino.