The Insider’s Guide to Willie Nelson Concert

The music, that had tied two coasts of America in the 21st century, found its fans around the world. Now country sounds can be heard in pubs of every city, nevertheless, if it is in Oklahoma, Alberta, Edmonton.

This direction is associated with the limitless corn fields, the taste of the strong whisky, road-side bars with pickups nearby and the melodies, soaked by the atmosphere of the freedom. Willie Hugh Nelson is one of the representatives who expresses everything mentioned above in his songs.

Rama Casino

Major Toronto tour offers a chance for all country music fans to enjoy the sounding of a living legend and family. More than 200 albums are on Nelson’s account. Breathtaking records “Crazy”, “Stardust”, “Hello Walls” and others had blown the mind of millions. The 9th of September is the date of the grandiose event.

For those who are not up to speed, the special guest is Aaron Levis who will embellish the casino concert with his folk works. People, who are older than 19, will have a chance to buy a ticket, so get ready to afford the valid photo ID 😉

Where? – Rama Casino

This show will take place in Rama Casino. The place works every day round the clock from the 31th of July, 1996. That is the only gambling institution, possessed by Indians.

It services the whole range of entertainments, including 2,500 slots, more than 110 cards tables, 10 unique restaurants of the world class, entertainment center for 5,000 places, hotel, SPA, recreation center for adults.

It has a pleasant atmosphere and stylish decorations. Blistering lights and contemporary design guarantee the unforgettable experience. The staff members do everything the visitors wish.

Willie Nelson

Upcoming Casino Events

If you are a lucky Rama Casino visitor or other casinos in Canada this year, you can enjoy Presley, Perkins, Lewis & Cash event on the 28th of May, 2016. The tickets are available starting at $22.

The 1st of June, 2016, distinguished by the event with Maria Cordero and Special Guests performance. Pay $38 and more for the entrance.

Carroll Baker with her dramatic performance is going to gladden the guests on the 4th of June this year in the casino building. The 25th of June, 2016, offers a chance to delight the atmosphere, created by Celtic Woman with the world tour this year. Not so many tickets left for those who with 😉

Press Notices

According to the press observations, this very gambling house has become a real “classic rock headquarter”! Every year, starting from 2012, is famous for the events hold in Rama. Apart from the opportunity to roll the dice and gamble, visitors have a great chance to enjoy numerous musical events.