Jam Session Visited Hard Rock Casino

On Sunday, May 15, 2016 Hard Rock Casino hosted a great party, Canucks Alumni’s Overtime Jam Session. Such events are always fun, especially when cool musicians are on the stage. This time these were Aaron Pritchett, Bobby Wills and Odds.

The ticket cost $27.50. This event was the charity: a part of proceeds would go to help people who suffer from destructive forest fires in Alberta and to the Canadian Red Cross, which will transfer the money to the victims of the fires in Fort McMurray.

About Coming Singer

The people were just in awe of what was happening on the stage. An incredible mix of country music with hard rock did its job. The unbridled energy was combined with some unique mood peculiar only to country music.

Hard Rock Casino

The guys were very sociable and incredibly charming. They sang their hits (like “Hold My Beer”, “Big Wheel” by Aaron Pritchett; “Somebody Will”, “Undressed” by Billy Wills; “Heterosexual Man” and “Truth Unfold” by Odds and many others).

The latter were greeted by the audience especially warmly. Having been on the stage for over 25 years, they are well known by all the fans of rock music. Take for instance, our offer for Canadian online casinos, there the people love such music genre too.

Gambling & Music

Hard Rock Casino is the area of unmatched entertainment, eating out and gaming offers. Having 80,000 square feet of territory, it suggests for about 950 built-in interactive slots and loved table games like baccarat, blackjack, poker, craps etc.

With three concert venues, including modern theater for 1,100 spectators, the casino can be proud of hosting the best performances of comedy, music and other arts legends as well as the concerts of local beginners.

In addition to games and entertainment, the gambling paradise will delight you with culinary variety and the chefs will cook for you unique and delicious food in a modern atmosphere. Regardless of what are your eating habits and passions, this place has something to everyone’s taste.

Players’ Preferences

People love this place for many reasons. First, of course, is its gambling variety. They say that its poker room is the best on the west coast, the selection of table games is huge and the slots are great.

People always try different games as they start from one cent. They also enjoy the performances that are regularly held there.

Another reason for that one wants to return here again and again is great food and drinks that suit all tastes and companies (Asylum Restaurant is targeted at the youth, with bright and lively food and atmosphere, Fu Express is famous for excellent Asian food etc.).

Hard Rock Casino Events

The visitors of Hard Rock Casino will never be bored, there is always something to listen to, and there is always something to look at: schedule of concerts, shows, performances has been already made up for several months in advance.

Soon, you will have a meeting with your favorite artists such as Groove Machine Band, Vicky Sjohall, Mike Weterings, David Ward Band, The Beatles Tribute and many others. For details, see the official website of the casino, where you can buy cherished tickets immediately, if you are 18, of course.