All-4-One & Color Me Badd in Winnipeg!

These thrilling bands should make you give a start and feel the good old times are coming closer. The one-night performance in Club Regent is an excellent way to feel that days and atmosphere through back again.

Their show is close and will happen on Jun 10, 2016. Since the start, some changes have taken place though.Color Me Badd & All-4-One

Now Color Me Badd has reunited as a trio, but still they will sing hits and sure the quality was not affected by such reinforcement. So, the Event Center awaits for your cheerful mood and presence!

Sweet 90-th in Club Regent Casino

That time 25 years ago for many people became a crucial moment. The last decade of the XIX century was great, a lot of new and long-lasting names within musicians and singers appeared.

Many of them are forgotten by now though. There developed a variety of musical genres that can satisfy the most demanding listener. Still, famous casino concerts in Canada include the songs.

Hip-hop finally became massive and extremely popular, and the crazy success of pop groups together with a popularization of electronic music – that is just a little part of 90-th in Club Regent Casino.

All-4-One & Color Me Badd: Greatest Songs, History of Popularity

Looking through 90-th should definitely recall this group as they were fairly famous in that period. Having both originated in the same period, they achieved an impressive success and sold more than 30 million records in total.

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An interesting fact is that All-4-One covered the song “I Swear”, which was previously sung by J.M. Montgomery. This version kept the Billboard for 11 weeks and won Grammy! They are also behind next hits: “Beautiful as U” and others.

The second one is another star band, which shook the audience from the first album by 5 hits, which are “I Wanna Sex You Up”,”Slow Motion” and so on. 3x platinum and winning as the Best New Group – that is a very impressive score.

Ticket Price, Tax

The price range starts from $35 and longing to $230. The quantity is melting before the eyes, so get yourself quickly to online stores and buy one or visit their official site for more information.

Club Regent Party Pit Access

In order to get the party pit access you will need to have a ticket and $55. The Club Regent event center does not charge fees and taxes if you are willing to buy a ticket at a third party service.

But the recommendation is to buy them at the club itself, Ticketmaster or McPhillips box offices. The reason is that many sources sell tickets at the lowest price of $50 only for the THEATRE section, compared to $35.